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A 3D random dungeon generation starter project with keyboard and gamepad support. Keyboard: Movement – WASD Camera – Mouse Jump – Space Sprint – Shift Zoom (ADS) – Right mouse button Gamepad: Movement – Left Joystick Camera – Right Joystick Jump – A or X Sprint – Click Left Joystick Zoom (ADS) – Right Trigger […]

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Yup. That’s right. We are working on a new game We present for your consideration in the times to come: RNG Racer! RNG Racer was the result of an in-house game jam for the winter while classes were out. The goal was to prototype game ideas that has been kicked around between us that could […]

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A Game Maker: Studio Asset that allows users to quickly and easily add a main/sub menu to your Game Maker Studio project. Ideal for game jams. View on Game Maker Marketplace View Demo

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So unless you stumbled upon this post somehow without being aware at all of the purpose of the title, then it should be established that we released our first Game Maker Studio Asset. This asset allows the user to add on screen narration as well as vocal narrations via recordings. I want to be clear […]

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First Look, Game Development, Game Maker Studio 2, Gamemaker, gml

A first look at GameMaker Studio 2. As veterans of GameMaker, we give you a first look at the interface and basic capabilities to GameMaker Studio 2. This first look focuses more on creating a basic game. Using GameMaker Scripting Language. Starring: Daquaris Chadwick Background Music from Koala Kontrol: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grsCRQaY2CI

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