• January 4, 2017

    Game in Development: RNG Racer

    Yup. That’s right. We are working on a new game

    We present for your consideration in the times to come: RNG Racer!

    RNG Racer was the result of an in-house game jam for the winter while classes were out. The goal was to prototype game ideas that has been kicked around between us that could developed into a full projects. So basically, this is the first of many being worked into full games.


    What’s it about:

    RNG Racer is a multiplayer racing game where you compete with friends in a series of game modes with the aid to randomly generated power ups.


    Where can I stay posted:

    Well for starters, you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter. These will be the primary places where we will regulatory post about the game. However, we will be keeping a Developer Log on  Game Jolt and posting updates on the progress made daily.