A 3D random dungeon generation starter project with keyboard and gamepad support. Keyboard: Movement – WASD Camera – Mouse Jump – Space Sprint – Shift Zoom (ADS) – Right mouse button Gamepad: Movement – Left Joystick Camera – Right Joystick Jump – A or X Sprint – Click Left Joystick Zoom (ADS) – Right Trigger […]

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Yup. That’s right. We are working on a new game We present for your consideration in the times to come: RNG Racer! RNG Racer was the result of an in-house game jam for the winter while classes were out. The goal was to prototype game ideas that has been kicked around between us that could […]

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A Game Maker: Studio Asset that allows users to quickly and easily add a main/sub menu to your Game Maker Studio project. Ideal for game jams. View on Game Maker Marketplace View Demo

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