Who are we?

Soulcade Interactive is an Independent Video Game Studio with a focus on games that bring out the best in people. Currently, we are bringing back the warm and fuzzy feeling of couch-play with Super Hamster Havoc, a game where hamsters bred for war are the dominant species on Earth.

Nabil Sekirime

Game Development, Design, & Business

Nabil Sekirime is the lead game developer/founder of Soulcade Interactive, and currently working on Super Hamster Havoc, an 8 player local multiplayer arena shooter for PC and Console where hamsters are the dominant species on Earth. He is responsible for the programming and design of the title, as well as business and marketing. In addition, Nabil is a junior in the University of Central Florida’s Game Design program and serves as the Event Director for UCF Game Development Club.

Marco Flores

Game Art & Sound

Marco “trixelbit” Flores is a pixel artist, animator, and audio engineer for Soulcade Interactive. He’s currently majoring in Informaiton Technology with a minor in Digital Media at the University of Central Florida.

Christopher Hedley

Game Art & Design

Christopher Hedley is an artist, animator and game developer for Soulcade Interactive, where he illustrates and animates for their current project Super Hamster Havoc. His hobbies include table-top roleplaying games, video games, reading, woodworking, cosplay, cooking, baking, acting, and somehow finding the time to go to class as he is also an undergraduate student at the University of Central Florida in the Digital Media – Game Design program with a focus on art. Christopher became a game developer out of a desire to bring people joy in times of turmoil, as games like Mass Effect 2, Skyrim and World of Warcraft have done for him.
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