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Welcome to the world of Super Hamster Havoc

Lead the Havoc, an Elite Hamster Strike Squad through a world where humans are no longer. You and your comrades in arms will have to battle against the forces of the evil Rat Menace who’ve overtaken Old Earth. Destroy the Rat Menace and take your world back, but remember, in a place like this… anyone can be friend or foe.

Fight The Good Fight

In Super Hamster Havoc, you’ll have to keep an eye over both shoulders. While you face the encroaching raid of the rat menace, your true enemy may not be so clear. Everyone wants a piece of power for themselves after all. With several player modes implemented, face up to 4 of your friends from home, or 16 online and battle your way to victory. Prove your strength as a leader by destroying your friends in survival combat during an absolute chaos of weapons and firepower

Retake Your Home

After hamsters were forced off of old earth, the Evil Rat Menace have claimed the planet for themselves beginning their reign of terror and influence. With the Humans having died off an all out war has begun for resources and space as you’ve returned home. With an entire world to explore, fight through multiple levels in story mode in order to defeat the Rat Menace at its core. Battle your way to the top and push their forces into nonexistence!